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TRADITIONAL FRENCH CUISINE IN PARIS Marie Françoise Flavors marmalade maker "Chef" :

Marie-Françoise : a native French woman born on an Orange Citrus & Olive tree Plantation has had a passion for cooking since childhood. After spending the last 6 years developing her own Gourmet Food CITRUS Company : Oorain for a Healthier Lifestyle, Marie-Françoise Flavors has decided to combine her passion for food with her passion for cultural exchange, and her love of contact with people by opening up her home and her heart to others who wish to discover the wonderful world of traditional French cuisine. During her hands-on, in-home cooking classes, Marie-Françoise uses fresh locally produced ingredients to prepare seasonal French specialities based on family recipes passed on from generation to generation.


Recipe & Cooking Class Marie Françoise Flavors "CHEF"


..."CHEF" Une idée de recette, une idée d'accompagnement pour une cuisine familiale gourmet gourmande sans faille : mariefrancoise.rol@oorain.com